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When you lose your job, It is very likely that you would go through the different stages of grief, denial, anger bargaining, depression and then acceptance. This is in addition to the stress stemming from the lack of financial security and possible debts arising.
It is especially harder for West Africans most especially in Nigeria because there are no unemployment checks and most jobs do not offer employment benefits, and the ones that do, once the job is terminated It ceases. A job loss can be a very serious problem to deal with it.
A  job loss doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. It can create room for growth, expansion and self-improvement. Even if it takes away financial security,  working on yourself and improving yourself can help reinstate you to your former position or take you even higher.
Well laid down guidance for go-getters. On your marks…GO… just do it. Looking for a job nowadays is very hard if you go it alone without PRO friend team within your social class and community. Anyway, it is always best to crowdfund for a startup to empower your abilities to engage in some personal responsibility relative to your field of specialism. The overall best of corporate advice i have come across so far. I’d say, don’t ever lose hope to explore your talents in other areas not directly related to your academic background. Best of luck in your endeavours for the future. NB: most enterprises have an employee partnership programmes for newcomers in their organisation, and it would be best often. to enquire for this incentives, in other, to secure your future with the firm if you were made redundant. Cheerio Madam Michelle.
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