The Great Resignation generation: Gen Z wants to job hop – Axios

America's youngest generation entered the job market amid the Great Resignation — and that has changed the way they view working.
Why it matters: This cohort will make up a third of U.S. labor by 2030, shaping the future of work.
What's happening: In the spirit of the Great Resignation, Gen Z is far likelier than older generations to job-hop, Karin Kimbrough, chief economist at LinkedIn, told me Thursday during an Axios event.
"That's a little bit normal because they're younger, and their tenure is shorter," says Kimbrough.
The big picture: Gen Z joined the workforce in the middle of pandemic-induced telework, which has also shaped their view of the working world.
What to watch: For teleworking Gen Zers, many of whom accepted job offers and on-boarded at new companies without meeting any colleagues, workplace culture and company purpose have become increasingly important.


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