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Schoolbox is designed to support the learning and engagement of K-12 schools. This platform contains all the features required to connect, communicate, and collaborate with parents, educators, learners, and the broader school community.
What Users Love About the App
“Schoolbox provides schools with the communication, classroom management, and community building capabilities they need to flourish in the Australian educational context. It is responsive and highly adaptable and is built upon a deep understanding of what Australian schools need.”
“The product owners and developers have always been very clear with how they see their product growing and how we can influence and feed in ideas and features. Even through rapid growth, they have remained true to their vision which convinced us to sign up six years ago.”
“Once you know how to maintain the product, it is highly configurable, which enables the pages to be tailored to meet College’s requirements. – The product is rich in functionality, but the good news is you can phase the implementation of this in line with College’s requirements and timeframes.”
“Schoolbox allows us to have a single platform that all users within our community can engage with. Instant delivery of curriculum content, feedback, and results means we can enrich our learning environment with minimal impact of teacher admin overhead.”
“The ease at which the software can be configured, customized, and used. The drag and drop style of adding components is something end-users can do themselves. It is an off-the-shelf product purchased that could replace several bespoke, complicated solutions previously used. We had rapid on-boarding of staff due to its ease of use.”
What Users Dislike About the App
“There are quite a few settings in the admin panel that need a better explanation; for us who have been using the system for a long time, we know them, but new users might be overwhelmed.”
“It currently doesn’t integrate with our School Management System – TASS. On the UPS, internal processing is not visible to administrators of the systems, which has caused us challenges with our data.”
“The product does not include many typical administrative features (permission structures, capacity management, deleting). Documents within the system are not dynamic. It is upload and download, which seems a little archaic in the modern collaborative world”.”
There is considerable time being spent trying to ensure the product talks to our school-wide administration system. We knew this would be an ongoing problem on both vendors’ sides and were prepared for the delays that are occurring”.”
“Permissions structure does not always allow full administrative control. e.g., sometimes easy for staff to accidentally delete an item which requires Schoolbox to restore”.”
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