Microsoft-Activision Deal Faces In-Depth UK Antitrust Probe – Bloomberg

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The world of delivery logistics behind the scenes in America comes with a high environmental cost. But thanks to a few startups, there’s an electric revolution brewing that may deliver a cleaner future.
TD to Name Cowen Leaders as Co-Heads of Markets, Investment Bank
BlackRock Says It Prefers Short-Term Muni Bonds Amid High Rates
McDonald’s to Move Jobs to Chicago But Voices Concern on Crime
Toyota Readies Plan B for Car Shipments Ahead of Possible Rail Strike
Amazon Keeps Prices ‘Artificially High,’ California Alleges
Google Cuts Funding, Jobs at Its New Idea Incubator
Oracle Shares Skid in Biggest One-Day Slump This Year
Amazon Keeps Prices ‘Artificially High,’ California Alleges
South Africa Parliament Names Panel to Weigh Ramaphosa Removal
Top US Business Group Warns of Congress Failure on R&D Tax Perk
Billionaire Perez Buys Last Major Tract on South Florida’s Fisher Island
Blue Owl Signs Park Avenue Office Lease in Manhattan Expansion
Olympics Medalist Tommie Smith Is Up for National Book Award
Nashville Predators Hire 1st Female Scout Ronda Engelhardt
Ethereum Is Merging
Biden’s Latest Oil Move Adds to His Energy Contradictions
Ukraine May Become More Successful Than Biden Wants
Chinese Manufacturers Get Around US Tariffs With Some Help From Mexico
A Dubious Truck, a Whistleblower Army, and Inept Spies: Inside the Very Weird Nikola Saga
It’s White-Collar Jobs That Are at Risk in the Next Recession
Hiring Latino Talent—on Camera and Off—Is Key to Ensuring They Tune In, too
Amtrak Cancels Long-Distance Trains as Rail-Strike Deadline Draws Near
Plenty to Build ‘World’s Largest’ Indoor Vertical Farming Complex
Pepsi, ADM Turn to Carbon-Friendly Farms to Meet Emissions Goals
Return-to-Office Push Does Little to Solve Transit Agency Problems
Candidates for Local Office Hit an Increasingly Hostile Campaign Trail
How the Freight Rail Strike Would Impact US Commuters
World’s Biggest Ether Mining Firm to Shut Down After the ‘Merge’
Crypto Firms Prepare to Pause Activity During Ethereum ‘Merge’
Bitcoin Miner Poolin Issues IOU Tokens During Withdrawal Halt


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