General Ability MCQs Practice set 6

Are you looking for best general ability or general aptitude practise set for improving your aptitude skills? So you have landed at the right. In this article you will get practise questions of general ability.

The Significance of General Aptitude

General aptitude is a measure of an individual’s ability to understand and solve problems. It includes numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning skills. These skills are not only vital for competitive exams but are also essential in everyday life.

As you already know, what is the importance of general ability in competitive exams, so without wasting time let’s start.

General Ability Practice set


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#1. 15 male employees or 20 female employees of a company can complete a project in 26 days. How long will 30 male employees and 12 female employees together take to complete the project?

#2. A,B, and C can complete a job in 40 days, 60 days and 80 days respectively. All the three worked together but A left 11 days and B left 8 days before the completion of work. In how many days, the entire work will be completed?

#3. if x is less than y by 40%, then y exceeds x by

#4. Find percentage loss when cost price=Rs.850 and selling price=680.

#5. Avinash, Bhuvnesh and Chaman can complete a piece of work in 20,30 and 60 days respectively. In how many days can Avinash complete the work if he is assisted by Bhuvnesh and Chaman on every third day?

#6. 7.98 expressed as a percent of 1.9 is

#7. A can complete a piece of work in 20 days and B alone can complete the work in 30 days. Due to some other work, A had to leave the work before completion and for the last 5 days B alone did the work. The total time taken to complete the work is

#8. An article is sold at a profit of 20%. If both the cost price and selling price are Rs.100 less, the profit will be 4% more. Find the cost price

#9. A, B and C can complete a job in 5 days. B,C and D can complete the same job in 10 days. C,D and A can complete the same job in 15 days and D,A and B can complete the same job in 30 days. How long A,B,C and D together will take to finish the job?

#10. Anil buys an article with 20% discount on the marked price and sells it at 8% discount on the marked price. Find his profit/loss percent.

#11. A boy bought some toffee at the rate of 15 toffees for Rs.3 and sold all of them at the rate of 3 toffee for Rs.2.Find the gain or loss

#12. A and B can complete a job in 40 days and 60 days respectively. They work together for some days and B leaves the job. If A completes the rest of the work in 10 days, find for how many days B worked.

#13. The selling price of 9 articles is equal to the cost price of 15 articles. In this transaction there is a

#14. A laptop costs Rs.27,000. You have to pay 15% extra to purchase an extended warranty of 2 years. What will be the final cost of the laptop of 6% GST must be paid on the whole?

#15. Three pipes, A ,B and C, can fill a tank in 15 hours, 12 hours and 18 hours, respectively. If both pipes A and C are opened simultaneously into the empty tank, then the time taken (in hours) to fill the tank will be

#16. Two numbers A and B are less than a third number C by 15% and 32% respectively. By what percentage is number B less than number A?

#17. A and B can complete a piece of work in 20 days. B and C can complete it in 30 days. A is twice as good as C in completing the work. Find in how many days will C alone complete it

#18. 30 workers can build bridge in 40 days. If 75 workers are to be assigned to complete the same work, then the number of days required will be

#19. The cost price of 8 tables is equal to the selling price of 5 tables. Find the percentage gain

#20. A shopkeeper gives 20% discount on MRP. Joginder buys a suitcase from the shop, at an additional discount of 20% on the reduced price. If the MRP of the suitcase is Rs.1,200, then find the purchasing price paid by Joginder.

#21. If 3 men or 6 boys can complete a task in 20 days, how many days will 6 men and 8 boys take to do the same task?

#22. Sarita buys two old Samsung and three Mi mobile phones for Rs.40,200. If she sells the Samsung phones at a 10% profit and the Mi phones at a 20% profit then her total profit is Rs.5,640. The cost of the Mi phone is

#23. By selling an article for Rs.1,360, a dealer loses 15%. At what price should he sell the article to gain 10%?

#24. In the examination 55% candidate passed in English, 35% candidate passed in mathematics and 20% candidates passed in both the subjects. If the total number of failed candidates in both the subjects is 1200, then find how many candidates took the exam?

#25. A can complete a piece of work in 12 days. B is 20 % less efficient than A. The numbers of days it will take for B to complete the work is

#26. From 10 liters of a solution 2 liters of water evaporated. The remaining solution was found to have 6% salt. What was the percentage of salt in the original solution?

#27. By selling articles at Rs.31, a shopkeeper losses 7%. What will the profit percentage be when he sells the same article at Rs.35?

#28. Farman has to secure 60% marks to pass. He got 60 marks and fail by 60 marks. What are the maximum marks?

#29. A dealer buys 200 quintals of wheat at Rs.1,200 per quintal. He spends Rs.10,000 on transportation and storage. If he sells the wheat at Rs.13 per kg, then the profit percentage of the dealer is

#30. The population of a town increases by 10% every year. If the present population is 20,000, in the next year will be:

#31. By selling a watch for a certain amount, Deepika suffered a loss of 10%. By selling the same watch for Rs.140 more, she would gained 4%. What was the cost price of the watch?

#32. The price of rice is increased by 25%. By what percent should a family decrease its consumption so that their expenditure remains the same?

#33. When a bicycle manufacturer reduced the selling price of a bicycles by 50%, the number of bicycle sold radically increased by 700% . Initially, the manufacturer was getting a profit of 140%.What is the new profit percentage?

#34. A student takes 1.5 hours from home to school at a speed of 5km/h. By what percent should be increase his speed to reduce the time by 20% and cover the same distance from school to home?

#35. A shopkeeper loses 10% on selling an article for Rs.360. To gain 30%, what should have been the selling price of the article?

#36. The cost price of a car was Rs.150000. Raju sold it to Montoo at a profit of 5%, and later Montoo sold it back to Raju at 2% loss. Find The total profit or loss in the entire transaction



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