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  • Canada is currently planning to invite its highest ever number of permanent residents (PR) in 2022 with a target of over 430,000.

If you are looking to apply for Canada PR (permanent residency) through Express Entry, then there is now good news for you. There are over one million vacant jobs in Canada. And the high job vacancy rate, combined with the low unemployment rate bring opportunity for immigrants to fill the positions. 
Canada is currently planning to invite its highest ever number of permanent residents in 2022 with a target of over 430,000. The target will continue to rise to over 450,000 in 2024, a CIC news report said. 
Last month, another report stated that the job vacancies reached a record high in some states. In Alberta and Ontario, the average of 1.1 unemployed people for each job vacancy in the month of April down from 1.2 in March and 2.4 from a year earlier. There were almost four unemployed people for every vacant job in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Here is the list of sectors that have maximum number of jobs:  

  • The number of job vacancies in the construction sector reached a new high of 89,900 in April, up 5.4% from March and almost 45% from last April. 
  • Job vacancies also reached a record high in professional, scientific and technical services; transportation and warehousing; finance and insurance, entertainment and recreation; and real estate.
  • Employment in the educational services sector rose by 9,700 in April from the previous month, surpassing the February 2020 pre-COVID 19 level
  • The employment in the accommodation and food services sector rose by more than 10% since February.

Why Canada is inviting immigrants to apply for permanent residency?

Canada’s labour market has significantly shrunk this year with people aged 55 and older leaving the workforce and fewer people willing to join the workforce. On the other hand, there are around 1 million job vacancies in the country, especially summer jobs.
CIC News cited that Canada’s 9 million baby boomers are slated to reach retirement age this decade. “A recent RBC survey suggested one-third of Canadians are retiring early, and three in 10 pre-retirees are changing their retirement date because of the pandemic.” Meanwhile, the fertility rate decreased to a record low of 1.4 children per woman in 2020.
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