Australian Stock Exchange Names Lofthouse as First Female CEO – Bloomberg

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Europe’s Challenge to Survive Without Russian Gas in Five Charts
ECB Ramps Up Scrutiny of Banks’ Readiness for Russia Gas Crisis
Billionaire Mike Ashley in FTSE 100 Comeback As Frasers Promoted
BMW Touts ‘Technology Leap’ of Longer-Range, Faster-Charging Batteries
India Considers New Coal Imports as Energy Supply Concern Grows
Twitter Paid Whistle-Blower $7 Million for Silence, Lawyer Says
Google Pays ‘Enormous’ Sums to Maintain Search-Engine Dominance, DOJ Says
Bain Weighs HR Software Firm Sale at $2 Billion Valuation, Sources Say
China’s Plan to Revise Constitution Could Enshrine ‘Xi Thought’
EU Nations Commit to Global Minimum Tax Despite Hungary Veto
The World’s Third-Richest Man Sells the World a Green Dream Built on Coal
Singapore’s Lee Family Scions Make Crypto Push With New Funds
Porsche F1 Plans Start Afresh After Breakdown in Red Bull Talks
Fancy Mocktails Are Headed Toward the $20 Mark in the UAE
Tips on Survival From the Queen Who Excelled at It
Britain Goes the Wrong Way on Energy Bailout
The ECB Hikes Big to Fight Inflation and Bets on Optimism
Adam Neumann Is Back, This Time With a Crypto Angle
How a Sparkling Water Company Built a Brand on Bruised Fruit
What a Rocket Startup That Helped Create the ‘New Space’ Wave Leaves Behind
Japan’s Record Percentage of Working Mothers Masks Low-Pay Jobs
LA County Homeless Population Jumps 4% as Housing Costs Climb
BNP Fund Unit, Amundi Eye Vertical Farms as Droughts Worsen
Tokyo Gas Expands in Nordic Wind on Path to Reach Net Zero
To Fight its Gas Crisis, Germany Proposes a New Cheap Transit Plan
Murphy Says NYC Congestion Pricing Can’t Burden New Jersey Taxpayers
How the ‘Rise of the Rest’ Became the ‘Rise of the Rents’
Bitcoin Miners Are Struggling to Cope With the Crypto Winter
Bitcoin Gains the Most in a Month as Dollar Drop Boosts Crypto
Singapore’s Lee Family Scions Make Crypto Push With New Funds


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