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Several occupations in Canada actually saw an increase in demand as a result of the outbreak. Many industries have been adversely affected by coronavirus-related shutdowns, but there are actually more job vacancies in some of those industries.
According to federal research, each province and territory’s labor force has been examined to see how the pandemic has affected it. These are a few of Canada’s results. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code is used to list the occupations in the order they are listed. The federal government also provides a trend analysis tool where job seekers can check the trends in their own occupations of interest for more information on specific career chances.
Computer and information systems managers
These IT experts keep an eye on and analyze the work of companies that manage digital software and other information systems. Because this occupation was not affected by the pandemic when it was first proclaimed in March 2020, it is still available across Canada. However, employment levels rose in 2020 compared to 2019 despite the epidemic.
Employment insurance, immigration, border services, and revenue officers
Many people turned to government assistance programs in the wake of the outbreak, including Employment Insurance and the recently established Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).
Information systems analysts and consultants
An information systems analyst or consultant conducts testing and provides advice on information systems challenges. In April 2020, there was a 47% increase in employment in this field compared to the previous year. Throughout the year, there was an upward trend in the average level of employment.
Database analysts and data administrators
For the most part, database analysts and data administrators are employed by IT consulting businesses to develop and implement data management solutions. In Canada, the pandemic had little effect on the employment of database analysts and administrators. However, throughout 2020, employment levels rose on a yearly basis. The rise in demand for this position is due to an increase in the use of technology and data in the workplace.
Software engineers and designers
A wide range of software is used by software engineers, designers, and developers. In IT consulting and R&D firms, they are frequently engaged in a variety of roles.
Construction inspectors
Buildings are inspected by construction inspectors to make sure they are in compliance with local building codes. Despite the severity of the coronavirus-related restrictions, the construction industry was allowed to continue operating during the pandemic. As a result, residential development remained strong in 2020, despite a decrease in overall construction activity.
Nursing coordinators and supervisors
Registered nurses at healthcare facilities are overseen by nursing supervisors. Because of their crucial role in assuring patient care, nursing coordinators have seen an increase in demand since the outbreak of the pandemic. In addition, pressure on hospital workers increased as the number of patients and hospitalizations expanded.
In addition to dispensing medications to patients, pharmacists often offer advice and consultation to other healthcare professionals. Licensed pharmacists might work for pharmacies or be self-employed. Industrial pharmacists are employed by pharmaceutical corporations and government agencies and are involved in research and development.
Family, marriage, and other related counselors
Mental health has suffered as a result of the outbreak. Mental health conditions have been exacerbated, and many people have felt more alone and anxious as a result. Due to public health concerns, some counseling offices have moved some of their services online to better serve their clients.
Health policy researchers, consultants, and program officers
Researchers in health policy are responsible for writing and implementing healthcare policies. Experts in this field are engaged by governmental and non-governmental organizations in addition to academics and private businesses.
Social and community service workers
In order to serve their customers, social and community service workers develop and implement programs. The government, mental health, and other organizations use them. The recession brought on by the pandemic hit the most vulnerable people the hardest. Individuals and families are increasingly seeking support and accessing community resources as a result of this trend.
Contractors and supervisors, other construction trades, installers, repairers, and servicers
In addition to masonry and plastering, these experts supervise the work of a wide range of other experienced tradespeople. They can work for a variety of organizations or run their own business.
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